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15 Mart 2012

the critic of "Conquest 1453"

"It was the first time in my life a movie ended the same I had predicted."

burda kendini yabancı hissedenler, Türkçe için  şurdan yaksın;  "fetih 1453" - eleştiri & yorum

  Parents who grab their kids, teachers who grab their students and high school teenages who failed in choosing the right film for making a little love, go heading your way to the cinema to ''conquest 1453'' The 60 percantage of the sallons were full of kids who between 7-12 years old, while I was wondering "what kind of shit they could get from this movie?" all of those kids started to scream after the movie ended like:

''The greatest power of the world is Turkey, no power greater than it!''

  Ehehe, anyway the best side of this movie was this part to me. I find the chance of criticing the movie in every turn considering very large scale of people already have seen it,so let's start.

  First of all, let's have a look at the Conquest 1453 director Faruk Aksoy's little filmography, then we will turn back here;

Yesil Isik (2002) - director
Çilgin Dersane (2007) - director
Çilgin Dersane Kampta (2008)director, senarist
Recep Ivedik 3 (2010)movie maker
Fetih 1453 (2012)movie maker, director

  In spite of having preconceptions for this movie, I thought it was worth seeing because we don't use to see that kind of big budgeted expensive middle age battle movies in turkish film industry. I can't help saying it requires courage making a movie like this. For the case of my preconceptions, the movie and its fragment started with prophed Mohammed's words saying;

  ''Constantinopolis would be conquered one day. What a great soldier and a commander who conquer it.''

Now let's have a look the fragment of movie below;

But I know, It is said that there is a word from prophet mohammed like that too;

''Although I am the messenger of Allah, I don't even know what kind of treat I will face''

And I also know there is an article in Quran;

 ''Say it: I am not a prophet who could see the future..I don't know what is going to happen to me and to you.I just suit the way I was told by Allah through its angels.I do nothing but to warn people.''  (Ahkaf 46/9) (translation from diyanet's resources)

  I don't want to ditch this issue, who wonders it can make a research. The only thing I am trying to say is among all the materials the easiest and also the false one was opted for the entrance. Do you think doesn't it work? Ohh it definetly works considering how pious our people are.

For the review of the movie;

  The passing of the secenes all combining badly with the visual effects, dialogs and actions,as it was influenced by a serial turkish movie ''arka sokaklar'' it has clearly been made aware that the near and far angle setting of the camera and also the narrow and broad settings of camera visor are not good. The effects were unsuccessfull like I had expected, so I didn't count this as a problem. For the one who at least played "Age of  Empire" once there were too many well-known 3-4 seconds of scenes.. Despite including these problems, I am so sure that this is the best historical movie that ever made in turkish film industry, It would be unfair to compare this movie with another turkish historical movies..

  Likewise, likewise; there was a scene that can not be forgotten,also being given a little place in fragments, while XI.Constantine (Recep Aktug acted as) was giving a inspirational speech in the collessium the effects of the crowds was the same to those ballons headed specatators in FIFA 20011 thought what an amateur work that was.

   I think; "the quality is hidden in details."  However, you spent too much money for making this historical movie, how come did you avoid the expense of making that little scene with real crowds like Gladiator movie makers did 13 years ago?

*  I caught a sound saying ''it is time to die,you shitty dog'' and there was an unreasonable retarted smile on my face. 

* Besides It can not be skipped from the attentions  that  the another son of Sultan II.Murad (Sehzade Orhan) who had a claim on the crown was given an image as a bastard traitor dog. And It was wrong,too.

* Ulubatli Hasan's (Hasan from Lopadion) massacre was also aprreciable in spite of his long dark hair covering his eyes all the time..

Acting skills issues;

 Ibrahim Celikkol who acted Ulubatli Hasan -the dude of II.Mehmed-  was one of the reasons that made the movie worth -seeing, and the same can be said for Devrim Evin who acted II.Mehmed- the conquerer of Istanbul-.  Recep Aktug -XI.Constantine- acted well, too. But they failed in sticking those beards
to him successfully.

Scenario issues;

  Because this is a movie for being made beyond commercial reasons, it is not right to criticize. But if it needs to be criticized, it can take 0 points from 10 due to the friendship between II.Mehmed, and Ulubatli Hasan whose existence has been a topic of debate in those times between historians. But as you know hundreds of mythological heroes was created with movies, what wrong if we create too?

  Now, let's go back to Faruk Aksoy's filmography, he must be really bored of making this movie without showing any asses unlike Çilgin Dershane.

 Finally, it is kind a weird movie that the ones who like don't say so in case being tagged as a hard turkish nationalist, and the ones who don't like it are afraid of saying this because it may very well contradict the idea of being a marginalist which they think they need to be. Come on, be yourself man!

The point I give for the movie:


interpreter: Servet ÖNER.

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